Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Clash with Clash.

Dream: Virginia and I went to a department store to meet Kevin Clash and Elmo. We were the only ones there so he was happy to talk with us and perform with Elmo which was awesome. I pointed out that Elmo looked brown and he said it was the bad lighting in the store. Eventually Kevin asked me what I did for a living. After I told him he asked if I could send him a sample of my work- that he was alw
ays looking for illustrators. I immediately reached in my back pocket and gave him an envelope. Inside was a card with a note written to someone else entirely and thirty dollars cash. He looked at me puzzled. "Listen," he said, "I don't take bribes. If I like your work I'll call you."
I tried to explain to him that it was a mistake- that I meant to give him a thank you note for his years of being Elmo. He scoffed at this. I scrambled through the department store to find the thank you card. I couldn't imagine where it had gone. Suddenly giant metal doors locked us all inside. We tried to find a way out but eventually we just gave up and waited.
That morning the doors opened and Kevin invited us to his house for breakfast. We followed on foot. It was an old house that resembled a castle more than anything. In order to get in we had to hang from a ledge and shimmy over to an open window. Kevin wanted me to go in first but I something seemed fishy to me. He became visibly angry with me and told me if I didn't go in first I could forget going in at all. I realized at this point that he was really just trying to get me to break in. This wasn't his home. I woke up at some point after this.

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