Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Zoo.

Dream: One morning, while walking the dog, I found a young Holstein in my yard so I decided that I should take her in as a pet until I found her rightful owner. Much to my surprise she was very playful, acting more like a hyperactive puppy. She fetched, did tricks, and even rolled on her back so I could rub her belly. It seemed like months went by and we became inseparable. She even let me saddle 
her up and ride her like a horse. Word quickly got out that I was the man with the trick riding cow. We couldn't go anywhere without being asked questions or photographed. Before long I was invited to the rodeo x-games. A trick riding horse race that took place in northern New York state.

When I arrived I was greeted with open arms and treated like a real celebrity. We competed in each race against the finest horsemen in the world. Afterwards we spent time with the many riders and their families who wanted to have their photos taken with myself and the cow. When it was time to leave panic struck me as my cow suddenly disappeared. I looked high and low in the stadium for hours. Finally I just decided that I should move on. A fresh heavy snow had fallen during the show but I eventually found my way to the car. Sitting beside it was my cow with this sweet look on her face. While we cleared the car of snow we noticed that we were next to the Philadelphia Zoo. Over the fence we made out two lions who were clearly having a full conversation in English. I yelled, "Hey! We can hear you, you know? Act like animals and pipe down! My cow is tired." The lions were about to respond but were abruptly cut off by a blonde haired Linda Cochran strolling by on the back of an elephant. She was dressed and waving like Miss America. I turned to my right to find her husband Ralph with a look of shock on his face. "She's not a 'Miss, ' she's a 'Misses!'" he sobbed. l then hastily turned to my left to find my cow lying down in the back seat of my car looking like she just wanted to get home. I patted Ralph on the back and said my goodbyes. The cow was fast asleep before I even pulled out of the parking lot. At this point I woke up and laughed a little but deep down I wish I had that cow. 

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