Tuesday, August 7, 2012


March 27, 2010 Dream: Okay, I will do my best to decipher last night's dream. It was either a very long one or a strange conglomeration of weirdness.

It started off with myself helping the parks department relocate old graves found in front of Independence Hall (a common thing to find in Old City). After a while we lost track of which tombstones accompanied the graves since all of the markings were Egyptian hieroglyph
ics. I decided that I wanted no part in this so I went back to my teaching job located across the street.

This week I happened to be teaching auto body guys how to use Photoshop to manipulate photos and make preliminary mock ups of their work for their clients to get a better idea of their vision. Unimpressed with me I decided to show them my purple and yellow '69 Chevy Impala as well as my matching coat. They all left but fellow teacher Lisa Simpson stepped into my class and started stealing all of the coats hanging from the rafters! As I was trying to convince her to exit my classroom, I opened a closet to reveal that it was crawling with hordes of boxelder bugs and dead beetles. This sent Lisa screaming out the door.

After locking up I walked to the parking garage only to realize that my car had been stripped and was unoperational. I somehow found an old bmx bike and started riding only to be "challenged" to a dangererous (yet totally radical) bike race home by a group of uniformed 80's bmx teenagers. Going against traffic we weaved in out of on coming vehicles all the while trying to knock the other off their bike. I suceeded by getting in front of the kids, skidding around and causing them to jump my now angled tire. The crash was pretty dang cool. We all laughed about it afterwards as we rode home together into the moonlight.

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