Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Third World Doctor.

August 8, 2010 Dream: Last night's dream had me as a doctor helping children in a third world country. My bothers were helping to build homes but my brother Dan kept hiding in the walls. He kept calling me with his cell phone to see if I could try to find him. I finally found him hiding under the bathtub and told him I needed to tend to the children. Moments later I was checking a parasitic infection of one of the children's eyes. Under the advice of one of my colleagues I put a tomato horn worm onto the eye and watched as it ate the parasites. It was all working surprisingly well until the worm started burrowing into the corner of the eye. The child screamed in agony. Without hesitation I used my tweezers to remove the eye and grab the horn worm only to discover that multiple worms had already made their way into the eye socket. I woke up. It was 5 am. I didn't go back to sleep.

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