Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Team Roker.

November 21, 2010 Dream: Once again Al Roker asked me to join his baseball team. Reluctantly I showed up the next morning to collect my uniform as did the other teammates. He wanted us to try on our uniforms before the game. Immediately we noticed that we all had different sports uniforms; football, soccer, hockey, etc. Al thought it would set us apart from the other teams. One of my biggest teammates (an actual 15 foot giant) thought it was hysterical that I got the basketball uniform since I was the shortest one. He wouldn't let up so I leaned into him - razzing him until he got red in the face. He shoved me to the ground and said, "Do you want to settle this with our fists?" I laughed, "No, I have a waaay better idea! Let's settle this with axes, Paul Bunyun! I'll wear a helmet and you can wear shin pads! That way neither of us will get hurt!" With that, he chased me swearing that he was going to kill me. I hopped on a bicycle and led him into a child's swing set where he became entangled. Amen.

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