Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nazi Frisbee.

March 28, 2010 Dream: I was staying at a small beach side ranch where they tended to small plastic red toy horses. I was asked to come outside to throw around a frisbee with a retired fully decorated Nazi General. He had this amazing frisbee that consisted of two parts. When thrown it would turn into the shape of an eagle and return to you like a boomerang.

After some practice the General handed me a different frisbee. I gladly threw it but was surprised to see that it glided for hundreds of yards then turned into a pepsi lawnchair (complete with a sail) which landed on a huge crowd of beach bathers.

Feeling bad about losing his frisbee, I took a water taxi but was disappointed to see that the frisbee had been destroyed by the angry crowd. I got back on the water taxi heading in the wrong direction. I jumped off and landed in what, at first, appeared to be blood but was nothing more than spilled cherry juice. With my bare feet stained red I started walking back to the ranch.

While walking back I had to climb through a brick wall, dodge a parking car, and was threatened by a kid on a bike with a switchblade. He asked for my wallet so I reached in my pocket and quickly took out my camera snapping a photo of him. He lunged at me but I quickly jumped on the back of a parked car and told him I was emailing myself the photo. After some chasing around the car I stole his bike and rode off back to the ranch.

I woke up feeling like I had just been run over by a freight train.

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