Monday, December 23, 2013

Rainy bike ride.

I was riding a bike toward the Betsy Ross Bridge with this familiar looking guy.  It seemed to be a routine experience, like we had been this for years. Unfortunately, while we were in working the night shift it had rained. We both wore dark rain ponchos but they didn't help. Our moving tires were making water splash up into our faces and all over pants. I remembered swearing that I'd buy fenders the last time that happened. I swore again.  When we reached the bridge I was surprised to see that it was a low-lying bridge- not a big arching bridge but one that was built close down on the river like one you'd see over a small river. A bridge that didn't have to be large enough for boats to pass under safely. The even odder part was that you had to ride your bike in the  middle of the bridge on an elevated platform with no railings. cars and trucks whizzed by throwing dirty mist all over us. At some point somebody figured out that I didn't know what my partner's name was. The one I have been riding my bike with apparently for years. And then he found out. A rainy betrayal type fight ensued but I can't tell you what happened after that. 

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