Friday, September 14, 2012

All's fair in love and rockets.

This dream seemed to have no beginning and no real end. It was like showing up in the middle of a movie where you were one of the central characters.

Immediately it was clear to me that some political faction had taken over the city. In the process of cleansing it of its inhabitants they had left it in a rubble. A small group of us were moving through the city using burned out buildings as cover from the barrage of rockets and motors that exploded around us. My problem was that I had no idea where our enemies were but I just followed along with everyone else. I was confused but no one would give me any information. As I moved along to the front lines I realized who our leader was, Tracy Morgan. Any hope I had of surviving this was dead. Just as this thought entered my mind a rocket was launched from a nearby window blowing Tracy up in slow motion. I wiped the guts from eyes and took over as leader the group...

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