Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cathedrals, temples, and a furnace.

Last night's dream was quite an adventure. I was invited to a celebration of different Christian faiths (Catholic, protestant, etc). The event took place in an enormous blue and white Cathedral on the banks of the Delaware River. Before entering I noticed that next door to the church was a nondescript Eastern reilgious and muslim temple. Outside, men, woman and children celebrated as large puppets, dressed all in black, paraded in front of the entrance. The women wore gorgeous jeweled veils and danced in the streets while clapping their tambourines. I stood and watched for a few minutes.

Inside the Cathedral were tight wood pews which were designed in a way that only allowed kneeling or sitting. The pastor thanked everyone for coming and expressed his gratitude for the contributions of 10,000 artists that donated their time to work on a painting that we were not allowed to see. I was incensed that they would do such a thing and not share it with the public. The pastor then introduced the benefactors of the painting, the "Duncan family." I remember thinking that that they looked like they were from Eastern Europe. The last man introduced was a short man who was accompanied by my friend Connie (who had bright red hair and bright blue eyes for some reason). At his introduction I overheard some men complaining about him but couldn't understand what they were saying. After the service I followed the men down an alley way to find that they were waiting to assassinate the short man. Before I could get to them several shots were fired but the short man and Connie drove safely on.

This is when the dream got really bizarre. I was suddenly the short man everyone was looking for. They chased me into an old industrial park where I successfully hid under a pile of junk in an old junkyard. Several small drones searched for me but could not pinpoint my location. Once they left I jumped down into a small room lined with cinderblock walls. A furnace lay in the middle. A young boy climbed out of the furnace covered in ash. He turned to me and said, "Here. You belong in here." Frightened, I broke open the door only to find I was in a large disheveled warehouse. I hid behind some old cardboard boxes because I heard the warehouse doors start to open. Several men entered. I could hear them speaking but, again, could not understand what they were saying. I stood up to see them but could only see their silhouettes. A gunshot filled my ear. The dream ended. I woke up covered in sweat.

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